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A Message from Our Donor

Today was a very incredible and amazing day. The Vein Finder machine that we purchased for the Howard County General Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department, with the last four years of our Kupcakes with Santa fundraiser event, finally became a reality today.

Any child that will need to get an IV at the hospital will get to benefit from this incredible machine that will easily detect the perfect vein, so that the child will only have to be stuck once. Our dear sweet daughter Amanda, spent years and years in the hospital and had to undergo getting over 30 IVs. This is our way of paying it forward and giving back to the community, and we feel so truly blessed.

This machine was $15,000, and we still have several thousands to raise to finish paying for it, but the hospital was able to purchase the machine and start using it last week. We will continue our fundraising efforts and look forward to other items that we could buy to support the hospital that did so much for our very sick child at one time. Thanks to all of our clients for supporting us and helping us with this amazing paying it forward adventure. - - Michelle Kupiec, Kupcakes & Co.

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